Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Magic Pink Goggles

After a long and relaxing vacation in VA with the "Great Abs", the girls and I came home to a very welcoming group of friends, and swim lessons. They may look alike, but when it comes to the water (and many other things) my girls are very different. Merrylee is a little fishy, and used those very words today at the pool to describe herself.

"I'm a fishy!" she said, as she splashed and dipped her little sunscreen covered head into the water.

She shows no fear, and truly loves kicking her little feet, blowing bubbles, and even an occasional dunk (with Mommy of course). Anny however is more hesitant. Last year's swim lessons were difficult. Lots of drama, lots of tears, and no, it didn't get better after a few sessions. I feared another difficult two weeks ahead of me this year. We went to the pool a few days before they were going to start, and Anny seemed alright playing. She wasn't being pushed to try new things though, and I knew in her class she would be. My good friend, Kaycee, had a nice pair of pink tinted goggles. Anny and pink have a very close relationship, so needless to say she let Kaycee coax her into trying them on. To my amazement, Anny then dunked her little head into the water to look for a sinking toy. Then, she did it again!!! She kept it up until we were ready to go home. Guess who now has her own pair of fancy $12 pink goggles?!

Today was lesson #2, and I have the model child in class. Last year I was the parent apologizing for my screaming and upset kid. This year I hear the musical sounds of, "Look at Anny, see, Anny can do it!" and "wow, great job Anny, now everyone watch Anny!"

The teacher told me how blessed I was to have two children so naturally inclined to swimming and the water, and that I should be so proud of them. I am very proud of my little swimmers, but it's really not fair to give me much credit.  It's those magic pink goggles!!

It's been very exciting seeing Anny progress so much in that class, and enjoy herself while doing it!!!  She seems like such a big girl to me.  When asked about the Ariel on her swimsuit, she told the teacher today, "Oh, that's Ariel.  I really loved that movie when I was little."

Here's a photo of our sweet four-year-old swimmer, and another of her pretty hairstyle I made today, special for swim class to keep the hair out of her face and goggles. I'm actually quite proud of that little half-updo. My stylist friend must be rubbing off a bit!


  1. Aw! What a little sweetheart! I couldn't believe that was Anny in those pictures...she is getting so big! It's always such a Wonderful thing to see your children grow & excel in activities that they didn't really like at the beginning. Merrylee is such a little cutie too, I was reading her quotes on your page...Too Cute! :o) I can't wait until we get the chance to visit again. They are growing up so fast.

  2. Grandma A sends this contribution to Merrylee quotes:

    "Grandma, chicken nuggets and ketchup are good. . . for breakfast . . . with fries."

  3. Oh, it's the little things....

    "When I was little"...??? Don't let them get any bigger, Liz. Don't let them!

  4. Love Anny's hair! It was so great to see you and the girls.

  5. She looks like such a big girl! I can't believe how long her hair is now. Cute style! It looks great on her. She told me on the phone today, too, that she liked the Ariel movie "when she was little." Crazy. I also LOVE her latest quote about the pink flowers on the table. What a sweetheart. I miss you and the girls so much! Thinking about each of you makes me feel warm in my heart.

  6. What a sweet story and a sweet little girl! Thanks for sharing Liz.