Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Air

I heard the Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown song No Air on the radio the other day, and was reminded of this SYTYCD routine I saw about a year ago.  It's a beautiful dance, if you're brave enough to respect contemporary styles.  I tend to appreciate the more classical dance routines, my favorite being the ballroom waltzes, as long as the costumes are decent enough.  (What's with the new idea that to present a routine you have to be practically naked?!!)  However this dance caught me by surprise, I really love every bit of it, and have watched it over and over and over again.  Even now, a year later, it still makes me cry.   

Want to know what it feels like the first few moments after saying goodbye to a spouse leaving for a deployment?  If you do you're crazy, because as you can imagine, it's miserable.  This song and routine give a glimpse though.  For me at least, it literally does feel like I'm trying to breathe with no air.  Many of my faithful readers know all too well these feelings.  Those who don't, can imagine.  It's worse than what you imagine.  The anguish, fear, heartache, anxiety, and tears- it's just not something I can even begin to describe. 

I love the arts.  I love that we can express what we can't explain in words, through music, painting, sculpture, and dance.  The choreographers who made this dance seemed to know me!

Now that you've seen the dance, I want to end on the happy note that I'm grateful for my life support team when I'm out of air.  There are times when I know I couldn't breathe on my own if it weren't for my family, devoted friends, and my faith.  I'm looking forward to breathing well again soon, very soon.


  1. That's a cool dance! I like the song as well! Hope you are doing well. Dave is going to be gone for Thanksgving. Maybe we can plan a get-together! =)

  2. Wow, this video is Beautiful. You can feel their Love for one another & the Hurt they are experiencing. I too have always been a fan of the arts (especially dance) & how it can touch your heart with out any words being spoken. I too had tears in my eyes watching this. I can't even pretend to know what you go through when Scott leaves but I can say I have seen your Love, Devotion, & Support to your husband. You such an example (at least I know you are to me) of strength & holding on to your faith at the times when you need it most. Love You!