Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When you're 30 and 4 . . .

I wish I remember the story it was from, but I remember someone reading to me that on our birthdays, we are not just the age we are turning, we're all of them together. For example, on Anny's birthday last week, she didn't just turn four. She was one, two, three, and four. She is a compilation of all those ages. She still has her silly three-year-old moments, her teary two-year-old moments, and her snugly one-year-old moments.  Four is just another begining, where new things can be added to her days of being three, two, and one.

I have to admit I have my two-year-old moments, where I just want to cry to my mommy and no amount of good advice or logic will make it better.  I have my seventeen year old moments where I can't help but daydream about the boy who likes me, (accept in my current self, that boy is the man I love and married!).  Then of course there's the mature twenty-seven-year-old-moments when I've realized there's no time for crying, because someone needs to be strong, cool minded, and solve whatever problem we're facing.  While Scott's still away and I'm the only adult home, that someone has to be me!  Being a big girl can mean having to ignore your two-year-old self (and three, and four, and even seventeen . . .) 

Thirty is a big birthday- one of those some people dread, others fully celebrate, but is rarely passed over unnoticed. I think that's because thirty is typically viewed as the official end of youth. The adult world now must admit, you belong. Why, do you ask, have I given this a bit of thought? No, I didn't just turn thirty. My husband did, and his birthday truly did slip by unnoticed! On the phone he said he wasn't telling anyone it was his birthday, "because I don't know what military guys do to celebrate birthdays, but it probably isn't good".

He's probably right. I don't see them digging up an ice cream cake and candles. Still though I was a little sad to see his big day come and go so very un-celebrated. But hey, we can celebrate when he's home again. He's not one to turn down a late birthday party or gifts. Perhaps we'll save the big celebration for next year, because after all, at 31, he's also 30, 29, 28, 27, 26 . . .

Here's to the July birthdays in the Andrews family!!!  Happy birthday Anny and Daddy!!!  Merrylee and I love you very much! 

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 30 or 4? 
Of course- what a question!!!!!!


  1. You are a great writer. I always enjoy reading your stories. Happy 30th to your dear hubby.

  2. Aw, Happy 4th to Sweet Little Anny & Happy 30th to Scott! :o) They will have some mail from us when you return back to Florida. Rylee made Anny her present, she had so much fun doing it. Love You All! Xoxoxo

  3. What a wonderful post. I'll have to remember to ignore my 2 yr old self a little more often. Thanks for the insights! We miss you guys! Hope you're having fun!

  4. Liz- I love the way your write! You are so clever and are able to express your emotions so well. Hope Scott had a great birthday regardless and that he will have a great un-birthday when he returns home!