Sunday, February 7, 2010

The prettiest hair takes longest to grow

My mother has often said, "Every mother believes her child is beautiful. Some of them are right!"

Well, I both think my daughters are beautiful, and that I'm right! Anny has this soft, fine blond hair, that naturally does a sweet, curly little flip at the sides. It has been 3 1/2 years in the making, and recently has finally been due for a first haircut.

Here's our photo-documentation of this special day:

I love the view of her little face in the mirror here!

And the finished product!

What, you can't tell a difference between the beginning and ending shots? That's because our stylist, Katie, is so talented. She preserved the little girl sweetness of Anny's hair, but still evened out the layers so it will lay better, and trimmed the back up a little, eliminating the baby mullet look she was starting to grow! Check out the photos I took of Anny's hair the next day, now that it's lighter, and laying how it should! This is how she now looks everyday, with as little care as running a comb through in the morning. Her natural curl and precious baby girl flip are back, and sweeter than ever!

Special thanks of course goes to our dear friend and awesome personal stylist, Katie Craig! If you're in the area and looking for someone fabulous to trust with your precious locks, she's your girl. She's been cutting and styling my hair for almost a year, and I'd never go to anyone else! I even trust my babies with her. If we're still in the area in the next 2-3 years, she can do Merrylee too!


  1. Great Job! And yes, Liz, your children are beautiful!!

  2. Here hais is beautiful. I wish my curls were that pretty. She looked like she handled the big experience so well. Rhone is in desperate need of a haircut, but Ben and I usually do it together. So he's either gonna be extra shaggy or I'm going to have to brave it on my own. Hope you girls are doing great down there!

  3. Awww! Her hair came out so good! I LOVE the little natural curls. SO CUTE!!!

  4. Cute! She looks so grown up with her hair done. I wish Bailey would have been that great at the salon =)

  5. Anny looks so darling. What a beautiful little girl. You are definitely right! ;) She looks so grown up too. She is growing so fast. What a beauty!

  6. I love little miss Anny! I think she did so well for a few reasons. One she doesn't ever want you to not "be happy at her" and two she knows me very well.

    Anny does look really good with it having an actual style. Now it will come in thicker and more lovely than ever!

    Thank you for letting me share in the experience. (the shout out was awesome too!)

  7. SO cute!! I LOVE how it turned out. Little cutie pie. She looks like she had fun too.