Friday, February 19, 2010

half empty, or half full?


1. a 4 day visit from my parents and little brother turns to a 2 day visit, due more snow in VA and flight cancellations
2. the 2nd day of their visit, I get to experience my very first car crash (not my fault!)
3. my babies and brother were in the car at the time
4. there's almost $5000 of damage to my car
5. the state trooper writes me a ticket and puts a "point" on my license for not having proof of insurance with me (learn from my mistake, and go make sure that paper is in your car!!)
6. to dispute the ticket and drop the charges, I have to go to court to show my proof of insurance
7. Today, the day after my mom went home, all three of us came down with nasty colds, accompanied with fevers
8. Because we're sick, I have to cancel my babysitter and much anticipated spa night with a good friend, who's husband is also deployed
9. Do I even have to mention, this all happens while Scott is gone?!!


1. despite all the snow and flight cancellations, my parents still manage to come down for a visit and I don't have to be alone for Valentines Day
2. my very first car accident happens with my parents there to walk me through every step, keep the girls happy, and me calm
3. no one was hurt, and the driver of the other car is a decent person who admitted fault
4. the other driver was fully insured, his insurance is covering all costs, and had us set up with a rental car right away
5. when the insurance agent called with a damage report, the damage is less than what our car was worth (in other words, our car wasn't totaled!)
6. my mother changed her return flight date so she could extend her visit, and help me cope with the stress of getting through an accident
7. We had a fun day being spoiled by Grandma, and went around Navarre pretending to be beach tourists. She bought us Navarre Beach t-shirts, sea shell Christmas ornaments, salt water taffy, and other tourist trap goodies, and we ate dinner at a restaurant on the beach
8. Today, the day after my mother went home, is a beautiful, sunny, 60 degree day, and I was surprised by a delivery of a dozen pink and red roses from Scott. The bouquet he sent for Valentines Day is still bright and beautiful too, and my mom left us her Valentines Day flowers from Dad, so our home is full of sweet, fragrant flowers, reminding me that I'm loved, blessed, watched over, and that although not always easy, life is indeed beautiful.


  1. Of course, it would happen while Scott is gone. Why does it work that way, I don't know but it sure does. Glad to hear you have a bright outlook Liz. You are one amazing girl!

  2. I'm so glad everyone is ok...what a scary thing to have to go through while Scott was away, thank goodness your parents were there with you. So happy to know eveything is ok & every one is safe. Love You.

  3. Way to have a positive attitude through it all, Liz! So sorry to hear about the accident. It seems like life's difficulties often all-too conveniently occur while hubbies are away. Glad you had great support through the ordeal though. I went to the spa night - wish you were there! We'll have to plan to go next year if they do it again. Keep hanging in there!

  4. That sucks! But I'm soooo glad you guys are ok and that your family is around to support you! Make sure you reschedule the spa appt. You definitely deserve it!

  5. How scary! I'm so glad to hear you are all okay. Sounds like you could really use that spa night now. I sure hope you get it. Oh and your two little strawberry girls are adorable! What cute pjs!

  6. Wow! What craziness! I'm so sorry that you had to deal with all that. You are so good to point out the positive. You are amazing! :)

  7. You are amazing Liz! I am very impressed with your postive outlook on life. Some people would just mope around, but you made the best of it all. I hope your car repair goes well (I wish Anthony could manage it for ya since he's in the industry! If you have any questions about your repair let me know and I can ask Anthony) Glad you all are ok :)

  8. What beautiful flowers & little strawberry girls.

    I'm glad you're ok. And points to Scott for the bouquet. Love you Lizzie.

  9. Glad you are all OK and you were lucky enough to have you parents there to help out

  10. I like this post. Glad you were able to see good things in such a hard ordeal. And glad your parents were there too!