Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food for Thought

One of the luxuries I allow myself while Scott is deployed (yup- again. He's on a regular home-again-gone-again schedule) is eating well, and eating well . . . wherever and whatever we want. I try to make it fun, for both myself and the girls. Scott's only been gone a week and a half, and already we've been to or ordered take out from:

Burger King
Thai Hut 2
Guglielmo's Italian Grill
and if we're feeling better from some yucky colds, tomorrow we'll add:
D'Won's Cajun Buffet

We've also bought various snack and treat items at the grocery store that include but are not limited to- Entenmann's Chocolate Doughnuts, Chex Mix, Garlic Bagel Chips, Valentines Day themed Little Debbie heart cakes, Pringles, dried pineapple pieces, apple chips, and Ghiradelli Dark Chocolates, the raspberry and mint-filled kinds.

I even vary the presentation of our meals, by eating on the family room floor, picnic style on a blanket and in front of the TV, or taking fast food to the playground, etc.

Tonight I tried to be a fun cool mom, and make a meal with just my girls in mind. I served corndogs, and made my own french fries- my own healthier version anyway. I cut up potatoes into french fry shapes, and baked them in the oven on a cookie sheet. I even bought a chocolate cake at the grocery store. You know- one of the little pretty ones that you usually admire, but never actually buy. Well, Scott's deployed, so we bought it.

I have to admit, I was proud of my fun, kid friendly meal. Merrylee, as usual appreciated my efforts, and happily filled her little 16 month old tummy. Anny, again as usual, was not so appreciative. Under threat of no cake, she took a couple courtesy bites from her corn dog, glanced at her fries, and reminded me she doesn't like potatoes. (yet she doesn't make that distinction for McDonald's fries) When I got out the camera to take pictures for Scott, she held her corn dog up to her mouth to make a cute convincing photo. I snuck out the camera when she was showing her true self however, and being defiant. Needless to say, she did not get any cake. Instead she had to watch Merrylee chirp with glee in her little baby voice, "keek! keek! keek!" as she devoured with both hands her slice of "Cookies and Cream Marble Cake with Buttercream Frosting". Unfortunately for me, the cake had more dairy in it than I expected, so the grocery store cake experience was a little disappointing. Speaking of disappointing, I gave up on Anny, and threw away a very full plate of food. She then found the nerve to call to me from her seat, "Thank you so much for that supper, Mom. I forgive you."

sigh . . . so glad I'm forgiven.

Merrylee, chowin' down her corn dog, corn-on-the cob style. Anny was the one who actually described it that way. "Look Mommy! Merrylee's eating it like corn on the cobb!"

Anny posing for Daddy's picture . . .

. . . and being herself.


  1. We eat out when Ben is gone too. Cooking for 1 and a half is hard! Rhone's favorite is Chick fil-A chicken salad sandwiches. Ben is gone too. Wish we could be spending time together why the hubbies are away! Hope your days are filled with joy and not too EXHAUSTING while you are single parenting it!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that when her husband is gone. We do a lot of picnic style meals, and a lot of meals at places with slides, so I can peacefully read a book. It is just so depressing to cook when you know the little mouths aren't going to eat it, appreciate it, or help clean up.

  3. I can't believe how much your girls are growing! They are so darling. Also, I followed your link to goodreads, what a great website! I'm going to take some of your suggestions for books to read. And by the way, you can come visit ANYTIME! It'd be so fun!

  4. Love the pictures, Liz! I would have enjoyed the corn dog meal.. and especially dessert. Yum!

  5. Thanks Liz for the kind words.:) You give me a lift every time I hear from you! I wish we didn't live on opposite sides of the country... I am totally with you on the food while the husband is gone. The boys don't seem to care if I make grilled chicken or grilled cheese, and really they prefer grilled cheese. Ha! Sounds like I need to go out and get some treats though!! Chocolate donuts sound divine. Love you girl! You inspire me! :)

  6. I wish we could come hang out with sound like such a fun mom!!

  7. I can't BELIEVE how big Merrylee is getting. Such a sweeet little face.
    You know, if I could send you a Fudruckers, I would help add that to your list. Love you Lizzybutter.