Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mommy's Baby

Most friends look at Merrylee and exclaim,
"Wow, she looks so much like her Daddy!"

May I present the following evidence that she is indeed, my child too?

Mommy 1984

Merrylee 2010


  1. She is a cute combo of you two. She is so pretty!!

  2. We have often thought what a blessing for us that the first of our children was the easiest to take care of. Still sweet after all these years.

  3. That is truly my favorite picture of Merrylee. It's currently on my desktop with a picture of Anny next to it. I think it captures all of Rylee's sweetness and beautiful face with all the personality. It makes me want to reach my hands into the picture and scoop her up!

  4. I think it is the shape of her cute cheeks that pull the people to see her as Scott's. I think she looks so cute in that picture though. And I know what it is like to say your daughter looks like your husband... so I can sympathize.

  5. Oh I love that little picture of you! You know, I have only seen the awkward glasses years. haha. I didn't know you had cute ones too... ;) hehe. jk.

    Ps. How do you think I feel about me & Chase? Before Izzy, people just assumed I was the nanny or something. lol