Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Brothers

Although the title may suggest otherwise, we did not recently find out we're expecting twin boys. I have had a "feeling" we're expecting a son. Usually my maternal instincts are wrong though, so we'll see.

This post is dedicated to not the future brothers of Anny and Merrylee, but rather to my little brothers, Peter and Joseph. The holidays came and went with the number one man in our lives overseas. Daddy's in the Air Force, so as Merrylee often says these days in her cute little toddler voice, "it happens".

Instead of moping around the house in FL, we were graciously invited to spend Christmas and New Years with my family in VA. I have to admit there wasn't a complete lack of moping there on my part, but my little brothers, who are both taller than me now and much much cooler, were awesome, fun, hilarious, friendly, cute, witty, charming, chivalrous, and tremendously adored by their little nieces. They truly made that visit special for us. I started making a list of some of the things they did to make our visit great, but the list seemed so incomplete and didn't clearly illustrate how extraordinary my brothers really are. From cleaning dirty diapers and throw-up (a lot of both) to demonstrating an endless supply of patience for chatter and princess games, they did it all and then some. They made me laugh when I was lonely, smile and forget I was nauseous . . . I'm afraid I'm at a loss in how to describe my gratitude to them. Perhaps my feelings are best demonstrated in song.

Uncle Joe and Uncle Pete, we love you both so so much, and miss you already. I feel very much like Candice in the video, the silly and obnoxious big sister who's only claim to fame is being related to and older than Phineas and Pherb. How am I related to such incredible guys as you two??!! Just lucky I guess!!


  1. What a nice blog...I bet your brothers are going to feel aweful Special after reading this! :o) I'm happy you were able to spend the Holidays with your family. Love You!

  2. Did I miss that you were expecting??? Congrats! We're in the same boat then, wondering if there's a boy in the cards?

  3. Save this post to remind Riannyn and Merrylee about how wonderful little brothers are.

  4. They are great guys, aren't they? They have 3 great sisters who taught them well. I gotta admit, they are pretty funny, just when you need them to be.

  5. Little brothers are pretty amazing. Congratulations on baby #3! I can't believe how big the girls are, I guess it's our turn to visit FL, right? Happy January!