Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Charm Your Daddy 101

Granted Merrylee was already at an advantage, since Daddy just got home and hadn't seen her in awhile, so just about everything the girls do make him smile. Still though, this time, she had him nailed.

The girls were changing into their pajamas with Daddy's help. I had plans to do laundry (failed plans) so the baskets were in the laundry room. Rather than start a pile of clothes on the floor where the basket should be, Dad handed Merrylee their dirty clothes to go carry into the laundry room. Merrylee doesn't like being by herself in any part of the house, so I could smell an excuse coming. Our neighbors have dogs we can sometimes hear barking. A common excuse for Merrylee not to be alone or sent somewhere is "I'm scared of the puppies".

That one works on me sometimes, because I'm actually a little afraid of their puppies too.  Unlike Merrylee however, I do find more comfort in our walls and closed doors, and am a little past jumping at the mere sound of their bark.  That comes with years of practice I guess! 

Tonight, knowing her audience, Merrylee changed her excuse. Hearing the cannon boom of practicing AC-130's in the distant airfields, she started walking to the laundry room, then ran back into the bedroom, looked innocently up into Daddy's face and said, "I don't wanna see a gunship."

A surprised look came over Daddy's face, and instead of rolling his eyes and telling her that was silly (and obviously manipulative) he smiled at her, gave me a quick "aren't our girls amazing?!!" look and said, "Ok Merrylee, I'll walk with you, because you're so cute."

He then on their way to the laundry room kindly explained she has nothing to fear about the gunships, and that they're on her side. I'm sure she's very reassured, and will never use such an excuse again. Never ever, not when it worked so well...


  1. So happy to hear that Scott is back home with you guys! How Wonderful! This post is SO adorable! Looks like she knows just what to say to have Mommy & Daddy wrapped around her finger..Too Cute!!! :o)

  2. YAY!!!!! He's home. I'm so happy that daddy & the girlies (all 3 of you) are back together.