Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Western Beauty

Nine years ago my mom and I flew 2000 miles away from our home, and after a few tearful hugs, she left me in a very different and foreign place- the west!  It wasn't at all like the lush, green, and busy metropolis I was used to in the east, yet I grew to adore the large open skies and grand towering mountains of my new home on the college campus of BYU, in Provo, Utah. 

A few weeks ago we drove back to my first home-away-from-home to visit my sister, who has also left her native east coast land, and made the west her own.  She just had her first baby, and we were anxious to meet little Ryan. 

I felt a nostalgic thrill as we entered the Provo valley, again experiencing a bit of the excitement that comes from leaving home, and experiencing life on your own.  I loved my years spent out west.  So much has happened to me since I first flew over those mountains.  Being there again, I felt like I was introducing my old home to the new me, and my now growing family. 

We didn't get to do half the things we'd planned to do on our visit- but we did get to see lots of friends and family, and enjoy some beautiful sites and detours on our long drive.  It was a lot of car time, but that also meant a lot of family time, and with Daddy gone a lot, we can never have too much of that. 

Our little car has made several cross-country trips, and it drove smoothly for this one too!  The views were perfect, weather beautiful, family precious, and our girls amazingly tolerant of all the carseat time.  Thanks to my incredible husband who spent hours planning every mile so things would run smoothly- they did! I'm sad it's all over.  After 4000 miles of driving, that says a lot! 

To my dear friend, the west, 'till we meet again, and may we have many happy returns! 


  1. What a trek. Glad you guys had some great time together as a family!

  2. Oh I'm sad we didn't get to see you! Remember we came out to Utah the same week & I LOVED that summer we spent as roommates. Miss seeing you girl, but I love to keep up with your beautiful family!

  3. Ah Liz, this brings back memories!!! This also make me want to go back! One great thing about BYU is meeting you and all of us girls having a blast!! Yay...roomies! Sounded like a great time :)

  4. What a fun trip! I am always jealous when other people get to go to UT. I love visiting there, and there is never enough time to do what you want.

  5. I miss you. Utah misses you! Come visit again sometime.

  6. What a car ride! I'm glad you are back. :)
    Want to do a play date on the beach?