Thursday, May 9, 2013

Raising Daughters

I have two beautiful, sweet, unique, little girls.

While my parenting experience has only begun, in celebration of Mother's Day this Sunday, I thought I'd make a list of 20 things I've found, both as a mother, daughter, and sister, are important to know when raising girls.  They are in no particular order, and of course, there are many many things I could add.  But I thought an "off the top of my head" list would be a little more authentic, since typically what is most important to us, is most immediately on our minds.

1. Read to her the good books, and she will discover a world even bigger than the one around her
2. When she's old enough to read to herself, teach her how to find the best books, and she will learn to be careful what she lets enter her mind
2. Let her play with your makeup brushes in the mirror while you get ready in the bathroom, and she will see her mother appreciates what she sees in the mirror
3. Take a break to snuggle, and she will feel safe in your arms
4. Teach her how to speak to her parents with respect, and she'll learn to be careful with her words
5. Go for walks, and let her stop to look at a butterfly, smell the flowers, or look for 4 leaf clovers, and you'll inspire her to explore and learn about her world 
6. Keep as many of the pictures she makes for you as you can, and she'll know you think about her
7. Say sorry to her if you've made a mistake, and she'll find value in humility
8. Teach her to sincerely apologize, and she'll learn not to suppress feelings of remorse
9. Teach her that good friends make you feel beautiful, and she'll know how to be a good friend herself
10. Read the scriptures with her every single day, and she'll learn there is a right way to live and be happy
11. Take her to church every Sunday, and she'll learn the best community she is a part of, is one that is Christ centered
12. Help her feel what reverence means, and she'll learn how to listen for Heavenly Father, and know He talks to her in many ways 
13. Teach her that happiness is a choice to make good choices, and she'll know how to find it
14. Dress modestly yourself, and she'll see that modesty means respecting what is beautiful
15. Speak carefully and thoughtfully, and she will see that words can be powerful
16. Give her opportunities to work hard, and she will know what it means to feel successful
17. Sing with her, and she'll learn music is a way to share what is in her heart
18. Keep high expectations for her, and she'll learn you know she is capable of great things
19. Insist she treat her siblings with kindness, and she'll learn the most important relationships are those within the walls of her own home
20.  Marry the right man.  Choose someone to be her father who will honor all things previously listed, and have a list of his own.  Marry a man who puts on the top of his list, loving you.  Because the best way for a daughter to learn to value herself, is by watching how her father honors her mother.  Words cannot fully express my gratitude in finding a man who does this so well.  



  1. Those are beautiful and inspiring words! Thanks!

  2. Oh I love reading your blog. I love how you can put into words anything you want! I think I'll print this and put it somewhere I can always see it and remember.
    Miss you Liz!