Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Put a Dad in It

A song came to mind as I was scrolling through the latest pictures on my camera.  It's Brooks & Dunn's song Put a Girl in It.  It's all about how everything in life is better if you "put a girl in it".  Except of course, I was substituting "Dad" for "girl".  Everything is just better with Dad in the mix.

Warning, if you click on my link to the music video of the Brooks & Dunn song, I suggest you listen without watching the video.  It's full of some less than respectable girls, pretty, but scantily clad, drinking and dancing.  I can't help but leave the disclaimer that life in general is much better without that kind of girl.  AND girls are capable of so much more than looking and acting sexy.  Where are the clips of girls wiping the tears of a toddler, putting an arm around a lonely friend, teaching a class, baking something irresistible...  So, yeah, cute and true song, but very sexist video.   

Here's a much better video, if I do say so myself!!!  Daddy isn't in all of the photos, because more often than not, he was behind the camera!!!  We've all been drinking in the family time, in satisfying heavy doses.

To each of my sweethearts, whether you're 32 or not quite 2, isn't it obvious we belong together?!      


  1. And that's what life is all about, Charlie Brown.

  2. It warms my heart to see all of your happy faces together.

  3. That was so sweet! :) It made me tear up. You have such a beautiful family. We miss you all so much!

  4. So sweet! Merrylee's face when she wasn't tall enough though. :( so sad. But her little face on that ride with her Daddy, precious! :)