Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shining for the whole world to see . . .

 A good friend gave me this cute bib for Ben. 

Here's a few more glamour shots of our new little star shining brightly. 

Little blue chair for our little blue man. 

He loves his big sisters, and they're crazy about him!

How can we not adore this perfect little face?


  1. He is just precious! I hope being a mom of 3 is as easy as you make it look! I'm scared! :)

  2. Great pictures! He is so smiley and cute. Can't wait to meet the little guy. Are you guys coming up here any time soon? Betty remembers you every time we drive past Red Hot and Blue.

  3. What a Handsome little guy! =) I Love the CUTE! Him & Wyatt look alot alike, other than Wyatt has VERY bright red hair & is chunkier! Hehe! =) We miss you guys so much! Love you <3

  4. I look forward to these posts so much! Ben looks so much like Daddy! I can't believe how big he is!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a handsome little boy! I love how much he smiles in the pictures! I'm in love!

  6. He is such a little cutie! Can't believe we both have 3 kiddos now, we have stayed pretty close to each other on our children line up! I just found your blog from Courtney Page's, can't believe I had lost it! Glad to catch back up! Do you have mine? If not email me at and I'll sen it to ya!