Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pass the Hinny Minny's please!

All kids mispronounce things.  It's a part of speech development, and pretty cute.  Sometimes I think the way my girls have mispronounced certain words, are actually an improvement on them.  We've come to use the improved version in our everyday speech at home.  If you ever hear us use the improvements instead of the official word, I have provided the Andrews Sisters-English translation below, for your own personal reference.   

For your convenience, I've listed the words in alphabetical order. 

Binanan  (Banana)
Dusting Panner (Dust pan)
Hinny Minny's (Frosted Mini Wheats)
Hoopa-loop (Hula-hoop)
Lellow (Yellow)
Marshlellow (Marshmellow)

It's a short but cute list.  After all, we do have smart little girls who love to talk, so mispronunciations aren't in a great abundance.  I'm not actually convinced that's what these are, to be honest.  They're more like creative interpretations of the words.  Feel free to add them to your own vocabulary!

Now if you'll please excuse me, I need to go use the dusting panner to finish sweeping up the breakfast mess my girls made from marshlellow and Hinny Minny cereals.  I'd ask Anny to help me, but she's busy using her binanan lellow hoopa-loop.   


  1. Cute!
    My favorite from Betty is Hamily Fone Evening (Family Home Evening).

  2. I love this about kids. It makes my day so much better when I can laugh along with these creative improvised sayings. We have clipper nails (nail clippers) and our friend Glowie (Chloe).

  3. I think that it may be Anny's mother who invented the word "Flutterby" for those colorful insects that, well, flutter by.

  4. It is my belief that little children and their speech are one of the agents for changing the language. Their new words not so rarely get adopted and become part of the language of everyone. For example, in our family, those heavy sock things that you put on your feet and can actually use as house shoes will forever be called "shoe-skas", a word, again I believe, invented by Anny's mother. Or it might have been Anny's aunt--she and her mother were such close buddies that a lot of what they did as little ones got blended together.

  5. I can't wait for Ryan to start doing stuff like that. We still use ones that Joe invented, such as "rootnit" for Fig Newton, and "Ieesh Mama" for "I love you." And thanks to Anny, we still fondly call my favorite game, "Guitar Berio."

  6. Oh so cute. I've studied linguistics, as you know. And while learning about children's speech developments, they say to speak normally & with correct pronunciation, and the child will eventually learn how to say it correctly.

    But Chase STILL thinks it's a "bean-bean" and Izzy still says "hol-ju-me" if she wants us to pick her up. I just can't help it. It's too adorable to correct.