Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm a rapper!

OK- wrapperBaby wrapper, to be specific.   

One would assume by the third baby, I'd have a routine set in place, know what I like, and how to handle the whole new baby experience.  You know what they say about people who assume!

With each new baby, things change.  Circumstances have obviously changed.  I now have three kids instead of two.  That's definitely challenging.  I still don't feel comfortable in those shoes, as my messy house and worn out husband can say.  Shout out to my DH who although is now back to work, still takes on a huge chunk of the household chores.  He's a dreamboat, I know. 

Products change.  Because just about every baby item we owned was in some shade of pink, we had to get a few new things.  To my surprise the same things I used with the girls aren't the same anymore.  Even my favorite brand of binkys (mam) have changed their design.  There are also new products to try out.  I'm a shopper, and baby things are a special favorite of mine to buy, so I find this part of having a new little one fun!

I always liked the theory of front packs and slings. 

1. You can keep your baby close to you all the time
2. Baby is comforted and happy being so close to mom, and less likely to cry or act colicky 
3. Your hands are free

I've had two different slings, and haven't managed any of the above.  I never felt confident my baby wouldn't tumble out, and the whole experience felt awkward.  Front packs strain my back and neck, and make me feel achy and cramped after 30 minutes or so of use. 

Enter my latest discovery in the world of baby products- the Moby Wrap

I love my new Moby wrap.  It's a simple design, basically a long piece of stretchy knit cotton.  If you're ambitious enough you could probably make your own.  I'm not ambitious enough.  I paid for my lack of ambition, as this company charges a lot for a long piece of stretchy cotton, but I'm so happy with this wrap,  I don't mind!  The link will show how exactly to wrap it around you and how baby fits in, but it's not complicated.  Benjamin feels secure, and I really can use both my hands.  He likes being snuggled close to me, and fell asleep pretty quickly once he was tucked in.  Best of all, his weight is distributed well on my back.  It's not tugging on just my shoulders, neck, etc.  I don't feel sore or achy, and I've had it on for a few hours.  I'm actually typing this entry while wearing it!  Ben is still sleeping comfortably, snuggled against my chest.  I'm now a wrapper!  I may change my tune as he gets bigger and heavier, although the workout will be good for me.  The little pamphlet that came with the wrap even illustrates exercises I can do while wearing my baby.  I haven't tried them yet, but plan to! 
 Here's the wrap from the front.  Merrylee's stretched hand is right where I tied the ends of the fabric at my right hip. 
 Here you can see  how the fabric crosses on my back, helping distribute Benjamin's weight well. 
Here's a closer view of his little face peeking out.  However I have the best view.  I can glance down and see his cheek resting on his tiny hands, and easily kiss the top of his head, all while doing the dishes, vacuuming, or playing wii.


  1. You look GREAT Liz! What a cute bunch of kiddos you have!! :o) Miss you all so much!

  2. Liz - I love reading your blog! You are such a fun writer... I feel like I am hearing from a dear friend who I can relate to. :) And I have to say - I LOVE Moby wraps. My 2nd baby practically LIVED in the moby wrap for her first 2-3 months of life. It was the only way that I could manage life... so I am glad that you have discovered the joy. You are such a cute mom - I hope that you all are surviving and doing well!