Sunday, May 8, 2011

At Berry Picking Time

We visited a you-pick-it Strawberry farm with friends last week.  It was an hour long car drive, but worth every minute!  I can't believe we've never tried something like this before.  The berries were very red, very ripe, and incredibly delicious.  Unfortunately they may have ruined store berries forever for me, because, as with all farm fresh fruit, when you've tasted what it's like ripe off the plant/tree, there's just no comparison.  Anny did most of our picking, with a little help from little sister, although once Merrylee knew she could eat the berries, her contribution to the basket decreased considerably.  We came home with 10 lbs of strawberries, for just over $13.  It was by far one of the most fun things I've done with the girls.  That, and we came home with 10 lbs of strawberries!  Next month is the season for blueberries! 

Before I put up my montage of strawberry wonderfulness- here's a few photos of the girls' finished room.  Anny has graduated to a big girl bed, Merrylee to the toddler bed, thus freeing up the crib for Benjamin.  We added more pink to the curtains, and matching comforters.  When the sun comes through those curtains, the entire room glows pink.  It's a happy place to be. 

And what does one do with 10 lbs of fully ripe strawberries, you ask?  Well, after a little munching, I made 6 jars of freezer jam, 22 strawberry muffins (not all shown here, they were too good to all make it for the photo) plus 6 cups leftover for a butter cookie topped cobbler tomorrow as a mothers day dessert.


  1. Oh wow! This is just all too good and sweet to take in. I agree, once you have eaten good strawberries, store-bought usually taste more like straw than berry.

    I'll be down for blueberry picking.

  2. Pink strawberry bliss. That's a good way to define your life right now.

    That jam looks yummy. Save me some.