Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Pink Leotards, and a Little Pink Tree

Missing Daddy is just no fun.  Merrylee, Anny, and I have to do something to keep our morale up while Daddy's away for the holidays!!!  So what do we do?  We embrace our femininity. 

Watching chick flicks is way more common than college football, and there's lots of dancing while the soccer ball is lonely in the corner.  Jim Rome's radio show is replaced with princess songs in the car, and evidence of crafts, sewing, and art projects can be found in every room of the house.  Shopping trips are as long as we want them to be (and so are the receipts!).  Each of us understands and agrees there are appropriate times for crying, whether it be at the end of Toy Story 3, or because the tin of Danish Christmas butter cookies is empty, and you were so looking forward to eating one!!!  The estrogen flows freely, as does the chocolate.  We're survivors, taking on life one pinkalicious day at a time. 

Today's girly events revolved around pink things (they often do).  Both girls are in gymnastics classes this month, and today I found a little pink leotard a friend gave to us- size 2T.  Needless to say it was worn by a very cute two year old girl to her toddler gymnastics class today.  Of course Anny has a darling pink leotard of her own too!! 

On our way home we decided to pick up our Christmas tree, rather than fight Thanksgiving crowds next week.  I'm usually a "real tree" kind of girl, but with Daddy out for the holidays, much of my decorating motivation went with him.  Buying a fake tree just seemed simpler, not to mention it will last as long as we want it to, so we can leave it up for Daddy to see after he gets back. 

"That's all fine and well" you say, "but what does that have to do with pink things?"

Great question- one I didn't think I'd be answering today.  While looking at my different options of plastic trees, the girls spotted a three foot high little pink one, and fell in love.  I love my girls, and found I completely lacked the will to say no.  Of course if you're going to buy a little pink tree, you also need a pink Christmas tree skirt, pink garland, pink ornaments, and a pink star to put on top!  The girls were so happy and excited to set up their little tree in their bedroom.  Traditionally we wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations, but for an occasion like this, would you have waited?!! 

Anny summed up the entire experience with the words, "I think I'm gonna cry a happy cry because our pink tree is so beautiful!!!!"

This slideshow is dedicated to the Prince Charming of our hearts, we're all looking forward to that special "someday" you come home!

5 points if you know the classic girly movie the original version of the song in our slideshow comes from!! (this is a fun country version of the original)


  1. Snow White! Snow White! Do I win? I love the pink tree idea! What a girly thing to do! Love it. Just know you "other" family is right around the corner if you need something. Love ya girl

  2. I am so glad you are finding the silver lining in this deployment. Stay strong my friend, the sacrafice your famiy is giving blesses so many! Thank you for that!

  3. Because we need a little Christmas
    Right this very minute
    Candles in the window
    Carols at the spinnet . . .

    Yes we need a little Christmas now.

  4. Liz, you always amaze me with how stong you are. I absolutely LOVE the Pink leotard & the adorable pink tree. Reading the blog brought tears to me eyes...you are always so upbeat; even at the toughest times. We MISS you all so much & LOVE you so much!!! I loved seeing the girls in the video...Little Merrylee is getting so big & Anny's hair is getting so long & beautiful! They are just darling!

  5. You guys are so cute! Love you and MISS you!!

  6. The pink tree is awesome!!! Love it! I was going to say I love Anny's hair too.

  7. So cute! I love the tree. And I love the song on the slide show. I used to have that album and now I think I am going to buy it again.

  8. Grandma thinks that the pink tree is so pretty, it just might need to stay there all year long.

  9. So fun! What a good idea. It is so good that you are going with it and finding ways to make it fun. Stay strong Liz! You are doing awesome!

  10. So will Thing 1 and Thing 2 come along and clean up all the pink?

  11. That is adorable. You're such a fun mommy. Love you, and your girls, and all your pinkness.

  12. I love this so much. My favorite picture is of Anny pulling out the tree from the box with Merrylee right behind her. Both girls look like they're just about to burst with excitement. It made me tear up because I miss them, and would have loved to watch them decorate that tree.