Thursday, December 17, 2009

Aunt Liz!!!!

Here's a list of my various titles:

and- drum roll please . . . . .AUNT!!!!!!!

My sister-in-law, Kristy, had a baby girl last night!!!! Isabella Sophia. I surprised myself in how emotional and happy I felt with the news. Kristy and Cory kept us in suspense with the gender, making shopping a little frustrating, but the phone call about her arrival much more exciting!

Although it was a long day of shopping and the girls got to bed way past their bedtime, I was too excited to sleep. I stayed up 'till 3:30 in the morning making baby bows for my new, sweet, beautiful little niece. I don't have pictures of her to post, but I do have photos of the bows, and the quilt I made her a few months ago, hoping she'd be a girl. Kristy asked for a princess themed blue and pink quilt. I personalized it a bit by adding the ice skaters. Kristy was a talented figure skater, and when I saw that pretty blue fabric I knew it had to be for her baby (even though I wasn't sure it was a she yet)

I can't wait to see her wear those bows or to wrap her up in her new blanket! Note the "Made with Love by Aunt Liz" tag. (you can see it better if you click on the photo) I already love her so much!


  1. Beautiful quilt! My MIL quilts and I want her to show me how....what a priceless gift!

  2. Wow Liz, so talented! I'm excited for Kristy! If you talk to her tell her congrats! Also, thank you so much for the cute Christmas card. I really enjoy getting mail from friends and seeing their cute little ones grow. I'm so proud of you and Scott. Tell Scott hello for me. You rock!

  3. You are one great sister! I just became an aunt too. Your right it is so exciting to share that joy with your siblings! Beautiful work. If I have a girl I am expecting full details on making such cute headbands!

  4. And now you're going to be an aunt on the Abernathy side, too! YAY!!!!!!

  5. I wasn't sure if you wanted that published or not, but that answers that question! Don't worry, I'll make lots of pretty bows for your first baby girl too. Boys are more difficult though. You could always put the pretty bows on footballs . . .

  6. Boys aren't more difficult. Just give them toys, or sing to them.

  7. You are so good at those sweet little bows & things. And what a pretty quilt! You know, I can just picture us together. Letting the kiddies play together while you & I make quilts & sweet treats together. Let's spend a good couple of weeks together. Guitar hero, disney movies, crafts, HP, Edward, you name it. It's a date....