Saturday, February 7, 2009

Look Anny, snow!

We drove to New Hampshire last week to attend the funeral for my husband's Uncle Carl. While it was a sad ocassion, it was nice to see so much family, and the girls got to experience that neat white stuff that comes with really cold temperatures! Merrylee didn't seem too impressed, but Anny, who sleeps with a stuffed snowman, was very excited. She's here with Grandma, and her Aunt Felicity. Grandma is holding "Snowman" Anny's stuffed friend.


  1. I think it is great she got to see some snow. Not only does she sleep with a snowman, but her fish's name is "Fishy the snowman" or Abraham at the Craig house.

  2. Glad to here your trip went okay and that you guys made it back safely. Look at all that snow! That's crazy! It's nice for a while, but isn't so nice to come back to sunny Florida :) I bet the snow was so fun for Anny- she's so sweet.

  3. She looks like she was so amazed by the snow. What a cutie!